How Often Should I Receive a Massage? 

It is recommended that a massage once every 1-4 weeks is beneficial for good health. However your goal in health maintenance will determine the frequency of a massage. Medical massage is performed in shorter sessions regularly. Athletes receive massages according to their workout schedule. Depending on your goal and needs, “the accumulative effect of massage is greater than the benefit of any one treatment session” (I believe Dr. Yates said it first). Long-term goals should be discussed with your therapist to establish a clear direction and protocol. It is noted that Bob Hope lived to be 100 and received a massage on a daily basis. Your therapist may recommend two to three times a week usually targeting a specific area. For people who have trouble falling asleep at night, feeling stressed or depressed, or suffer from a chronic condition, then once a week would be sufficient. For others, once a week works well to give them a feeling of complete balance.


What Proven Benefits Does Massage Have?


Physical and mental benefits of massage include but not limited to the following:

  • Aids in Mental Relaxation 

  • Assists in Recovery From Injuries and Illness

  • Calms the Nervous System

  • Diminishes Chronic Pain

  • Enhances Skin Tone

  • Improves Concentration

  • Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion

  • Loosens Tight Muscles

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

  • Lowers Heart Rate

  • Promotes Restful Sleep

  • Reduces Mental Stress

  • Reduces Tension Headaches

  • Relaxes the Whole Body

  • Relieves Tired and Aching Muscles

  • Strengthens the Immune System

Halen Terra, Medical Intuitive
Medical Intuitive Instructor
Massage Therapist Instructor
Certified Massage Therapist
Atlantean Healing Energy
Mayan Healing Stones
DNA Practitioner

My name is Halen and I have been a researcher of healing and life for the past 26 years.  My vision is focused on the whole mind, body, and spirit.  I began studying various types of esoteric healing practices and applied them to my massage practice with incedible results.


I am passionate about assisting the whole being, and giving back to the community, because massage is essential in our daily lives. Medical Intuitive Massage has changed my life and I'm thrilled to take my place in the healing world!  


I bring love and illumination to areas of pain and darkness.