Body Healing Training

Would you like to learn to become a Body Healer? This unique intuitive approach can bring you into a deeper level of awareness in the art of healing.  Get started developing your intuitive skills.  Call us today to schedule your first training.

Body Healing Training

This is a unique way of experiencing and feeling energies from the human body.  Students will see, experience demonstrations and practice on each other.  We teach you to feel different blocks that people hold in their body with issues physically, emotionally and mentally.  You will learn how, when, where and why these issues were developed and to help release blocks that are holding people back.

Schedule Training

To schedule your body healing training, it's simple. Class size is limited to give each student the attention needed.  Give us a call, or send an email today, and we will set up a time to meet, and discuss your goals, aspirations, and even reasons for wanting to be trained.

Guided Approach

This is a guided approach, if you are drawn to this style of healing, then receiving training is very important. Learn to read hidden messages in the body.  Our life experiences are held in our cellular memory.  Certain memories bring up feelings and thoughts, those feelings and thoughts bring up certain emotions tied to them.  This unique system helps you feel the body’s energies and interpreting the messages you receive.

Gentle Winds & Hands

Gentle Winds & Hands welcomes you at whatever stage you're at. Whether you are a holistic health practitioner and interested in learning how to hear the hidden messages, or if you are a person who just wants to understand the deep hidden nuances.  Our program is built to help educate anyone who has a passion to learn natural and holistic healing modalities.

C l a s s   R e v i e w s

I attended Halens class when I noticed that she was presenting the course two hours at a time.  I am a doctor and I was excited to participate.  Upon arrival I mentioned to Halen that I could not believe that you are not presenting this in an auditorium filled with people.  I took her first two hour class and was astounded as to what I had learned.  I told her I will be back for the next two hours during the week, this information is what every doctor, nurse, chiropractor and anyone in the health profession needs to learn.  Her knowledge and wisdom of the human body is what every person needs to learn from her awareness.  Thank you Halen.
Dr. A. W.
Halen's body healing class is for everyone.  I took her intro two hour course and it was everything I expected, the class was well organized.  Out of all the courses I have taken, this was in a class of its own. She is well in tuned, knows her stuff and extremely knowledgeable.
T.A., Littleton, CO
I enrolled in Halen's body healing intro class and what I found in her teaching is that she is a 5 in every aspect, if we are to grade her and 5 being tops.  She had us participate so that we knew what we were experiencing in the body.  Halen is very knowledgeable and was excited to share her knowledge.  Her class was much more than what I had expected. 
W. N., Westminster, CO
Halen is clearly a natural empath/intuitive. Her knowledge in the course that she was teaching is well beyond what I need to learn which is to be more aware of my body.  Very informative course.
Halens body healing intro class was very interesting and informative.  It put together many other techniques that I have studied and solidified a lot of knowledge.  She encouraged us to really feel the issue that is in the body and to pay attention to what we were feeling. Her handouts helped me understand the deeper meanings. 
J.L.T., Aurora, CO

Gentle Winds & Hands

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Medical Intuitive Practitioner Certificate Program

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Medical Intuitive training is an energy healing approach that will help you in all areas of your life.  This is a unique way of experiencing feeling the energies from the human body.  If you are drawn to this style of healing, then receiving training is very important.  Spirit guides nudge us in all directions.  We need to know how to use the guidance in healing.

You will learn through medical intuitive training to assist the body in its healing, mental clarity heightens awareness and how medical intuitive is utilized on the whole mind, body and spirit.  At the end of the 10 week course you will receive a certification as a Medical Intuitive Practitioner.  Each course is specifically for those seeking out the classes they would like to participate.  Below is a  list of courses being offered, check the box or boxes as to which course you would like to participate.  Each course is $120 for two hours ($60 an hour).  A fee of $800 if all 10 courses are taken consecutively a savings of $400.

Face up: Feet & Legs

Face down: Feet & Legs

Back, Spine & Arms

Head, Neck & Shoulders

Basic Medical Intuitive Techniques

Learn to give a two hour massage

Organs (Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidney, Pancrease, etc.)

Face up: Neck and Face

Shoulders, Arms, Hands & Fingers

Chest & Abdomen

Enrollment Date:____________________________________________



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