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Treating Dowager's Hump

Treating Dowager's Hump, also called Buffalo Hump, or in this modern era also known as "Computer Hump", is a special focus that we at Gentle Winds and Hands have done for many years. Focusing on the nerve tissues, and the hump itself.

When the body begins to manifest the early slouching posture of this condition, oxygen is blocked, breathing becomes more shallow, the neck aches and arches forward forcing a worsening condition. Because the hump is blocking and pressing down, and blood is not flowing into the head there is teeth and gum pain, earaches, eye irritation, migraine headaches, and many other head, neck and shoulder maladies. This posture actually causes the hump to grow larger, causing additional pain, and conversely forcing the neck down further. A painful cycle has begun.

When we are treating this condition we focus only on hump for the entire session, releases the toxins in weekly sessions until the hump begins to dissolve. Many clients begin to experience their hump disappearing completely, along with the associated conditions.


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